Bylaws, Policy & Permits

Village of Debden Bylaws

Bylaw 5/2018 Nuisance Abatement

Bylaw 4/2018 Bylaw to Provide for a Minimum Tax

Bylaw 3/2018 Bylaw to Provide for a Tax Base

Bylaw 2/2018 Bylaw to Amend Building Bylaw

Bylaw 14/2017 Recover Protective Services Costs

Bylaw 12/2017 Assessment Appeal Fee

Bylaw 11/2016 Animal Control

Bylaw 4/2016 A Bylaw to Establish Property Tax Penalties

Bylaw 3/2016 A Bylaw to Allow for Prepayment of Taxes and Discounts

Bylaw 1/2016 Proceedings of Municipal Council and Councils Committees

Policy 1/2016 Municipal Code of Conduct

Bylaw 1/2014 A Bylaw to Establish the Debden Curling Rink Board

Policy 1/2014 Residential Water & Sewer Service Lines

Bylaw 9/2013 Abandoned Vehicle Bylaw

Bylaw 8/2013 Traffic Bylaw

Bylaw 6/2013 The Nuisance Abatement Bylaw

Bylaw 2/2013 A Bylaw to Authorize Certain Expenditures

Policy 2/2013 Harassment-Free-Workplace

Bylaw 3/2010 A Bylaw to Provide for Incurring Debt

Bylaw 6/2009 A Bylaw to Establish the Recreation Board

Bylaw 4/2008 General Penalty Bylaw

Bylaw 4/2007 The Noise Bylaw

Bylaw 10/2006 Waste Management Bylaw

Bylaw 3/2006 Administrative Bylaw

Bylaw 2/2006 A Bylaw to Establish a Public Notice Policy

Bylaw 4/2004 A Bylaw to Regulate the Weight of Vehicles

Byalw 8/2003 A Bylaw to Establish Hwy 55 Waste Corp

Bylaw 3/2003 A Bylaw to Establish the Committee of Concerned Health

Bylaw 5/2000 Dangerous Goods Bylaw

Bylaw 3/96 A Bylaw Respecting Building

Bylaw 3/93 A Bylaw to Establish the Corporation du Centre Communautaire de Debden

Bylaw 2/92 A Bylaw to Classify, Regulate and License Any Business

Bylaw 5/90 A Bylaw to Establish an EMO

Bylaw 2/89 A Bylaw to Regulate All Terrain Vehicles

Village Policies

Permits and Forms

  • Building Permits:Building/Development permits are required for persons intending to construct, erect, alter, renovate, demolish, and/or relocate any building within the Village of Debden. This includes sheds and seacans.The Village of Debden has appointed BuildTECH Consulting & Inspections Inc as their Official Building Inspector. Information for their services and fees, along with downloadable forms may be found on their website.
  • Plumbing Permits:As per Section 5 and Section 6 of The Plumbing & Drainage Regulations, no person shall establish, construct, extend, renovate, alter or repair a plumbing system, or connect a plumbing system to the Village sewage works or waterworks without a permit.As per Section 4 of  The Plumbing and Drainage Regulations Lawrence McKay is the Village Appointed Plumbing Inspector.All plumbing permits may be obtained through
  • Consolidation of Two or More Lots
  • Zero Tolerance Drug & Alcohol