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Trip of the Month Winners

2020 Winners are:

  • Jan trip Stacey Couture
      • PB Rose Freeman
  • Feb trip Adam Gerow
      • PB Gilbert and Gail Lafond
  • March trip Norm and Amanda Cyr
      • PB Richard and Betty Ann Demers
  • April trip Jamie and Shanna Dumais
      • PB Carol Forster
  • May trip Glen and Estelle Berscheid
      • PB Marcel and Murielle Cyr
  • June trip Gloria and Sam Stephenson
      • PB Sara Tipton and Travis Hart
  • July trip Lyndon Pease
      • PB Kevin and Nicole Turner
  • August Trip Doreen and Roger Couture
      • PB Denny Little
  • September trip Randy and Jerri Hoback
      • PB Murielle and Marcel Cyr
  • Oct trip Leeland and Candice Benson
      • PB Shaun and Yvonne Turner
  • Nov trip Levi Schutte
      • PB Roland and Monica Svendsen

Debden is a village in the boreal forest of central Saskatchewan, Canada. Its location is on Highway 55 it is 94 km from Prince Albert and 194 km from Saskatoon. It is also the administrative headquarters of the Big River Cree First Nations band government.[6]

The population was 358 in the Canada Census of 2011. Most of the people are of Fransaskois origins.[1] The village is at the edge of the Prince Albert National Park and with all the lakes nearby it becomes a very popular spot in the summer months.