Consider Running for Council Video Series – pre-recorded videos that break down the guide content into shorter video clips by topic.

  1. Democratic Governance, Purpose of a Municipality and the Role of Council
  2. Learn more about your Municipality, Considerations before Running for Council, Time Commitment and Responsibilities
  3. Key Standards and Values and Responsible Conduct of Council Members
  4. How to Run for Council, Campaigning and Key Documents after Being Elected

Citizens guide for candidacy June 2024


Candidate School - Municipal Governance 101: Cities, Towns, and Villages

ONLINE Webinar/Workshop

Candidate school is your opportunity to learn about being an elected official. Do you have an interest in municipal politics and are considering running for council?  Attend this virtual Candidate School session designed for potential municipal election candidates in cities, towns, and villages!

In Municipal Governance 101: Cities, Towns, and Villages, participants will learn:

  • How democracy works
  • The roles and responsibilities of council
  • Navigating conflicts of interest
  • Challenges unique to your sector

A second session will be hosted the following week where attendees can ask their municipal governance questions.