Trip of the Month Winners

2020 Winners are:

  • Jan trip Stacey Couture
      • PB Rose Freeman
  • Feb trip Adam Gerow
      • PB Gilbert and Gail Lafond
  • March trip Norm and Amanda Cyr
      • PB Richard and Betty Ann Demers
  • April trip Jamie and Shanna Dumais
      • PB Carol Forster
  • May trip Glen and Estelle Berscheid
      • PB Marcel and Murielle Cyr
  • June trip Gloria and Sam Stephenson
      • PB Sara Tipton and Travis Hart
  • July trip Lyndon Pease
      • PB Kevin and Nicole Turner
  • August Trip Doreen and Roger Couture
      • PB Denny Little
  • September trip Randy and Jerri Hoback
      • PB Murielle and Marcel Cyr
  • Oct trip Leeland and Candice Benson
      • PB Shaun and Yvonne Turner
  • Nov trip Levi Schutte
      • PB Roland and Monica Svendsen

Letter from the Mayor – April 3, 2020

Village of Debden Residents

From myself and council we would like to extend a thank-you to all in self isolating during this trying time.

These measures seem to be working for us, however it is not time to let our guard down yet.

As everyone is home from work and some with children out of school, it will be a difficult adjustment.

There is an issue that could become a serious problem for the village infrastructure.

Please be cautious as to what your family flushes down with your waste water. No paper or tissue products, other than toilet paper should be allowed to enter our lift station pumps. These pumps were not designed for other materials and are very expensive to repair.

Also it is a good time to remind everyone that grease is a serious issue to waste water pipes as it solidifies and makes a real mess as well as forming a collection point for other debris.

Any questions can be forwarded to our Administrator,

Create a safe day

Rod Fisher

ATTENTION – In response to COVID-19

The Village of Debden Municipal Office is closed to the public until further notice.

Please note that essential services will not be interrupted. There will be someone in the Village Office to answer phones Tuesday-Thursday from 10:00-3:00.

To reduce transmission, cash payments are not being taken at this time. Payments can be made at your Financial Institution, online or by e-transfer to

Please visit for Village updates and links to Provincial updates.

For updated information, you may also go directly to the Provincial website at: